Philosophy of employment

In my opinion the basement of working in an organization is happiness and I define this word as happy with work, environment and benefits. Thus, a key factor of employees to be motivated and willing to work hard for the organization to reach its goals is to be happy with what they do. I would like to work with an organization which cares about its employees’ satisfaction not just making money and ignores people who work for. Satisfaction is not just about money, but it is also how they are treated by managers, or being provided a good working environment such as facilities needed in working, and empowerment. These are important for me because I think they are like a motivator and facilitator for  smooth working and be happy to do.

Many organizations think only about making profits, but forget to make their employees satisfied with what they do at the end those employees will leave and find other places to work for even sometimes they get paid less than the one they left, but they are happy to stay. Therefore, satisfied employees contribute satisfied customers and lead to profits to the organization.

I believe that I will be a good employee and do my best job if the organization cares about me and trust and empower for me to do my best because I feel like a part of the organization and I will see my self as an important person to help the organization reach the goals.

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