5 – year Plan

This is a shot-term plan after I graduate from UCCR.

  1. The first year after I get my bachelor degree I am going to do my 3rd training with Marriott hotel, Texas for 1 year in Hotel internship position. During the training I will learn and gain more skills and knowledge as much as possible to be more competitive advantage in order to get a good position and be chosen by good international chain hotels after finishing my training.
  2. The second year plan will be after I finish my training from Marriott and I am going to Thailand and apply for assistant manager position in Room division in the touristic destinations of Thailand. There are many potential places for me to start my career and the reason why I would like to start at the assistant manager position is because I need to learn more about how management in my country works and analyze it in order to be able to adapt and combine with my knowledge from outside Thailand to be best and effective service to that hotel I will work with.
  3. In the 3 rd year I will apply for management position in Room division, which it may be the same hotel I have work with or a new hotel and a new city. Moreover, in the meantime I will learn a German course when I have time apart from working in order to gain more ability and  extend my knowledge.
  4. In this year I will be still working as a manager, so I will dedicate myself to the hotel and seek for new development in order to keep my hotel be competitive advantage  among the rivals.
  5. The last year plan I would like to start my own business, which may be a fine dining restaurant  after having worked and learned for some years thereby, I think I would be ready to manage my own business and carry it out to be successful in the future.

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